A Collaborative Convention

December 6-10, 2019
Boston, MA

20/20 Judaism is sure to be a dynamic, collaborative and truly meaningful experience for all.  Our goal is to ensure that as many representatives from the Conservative Jewish community attend as possible.  Please help us spread the word about to your friends, family and colleagues who might benefit from attending.

Below are social media posts, talking points and graphics for email, newsletter, websites and social media to assist you in this effort.  With your help, leaders from hundreds of Jewish communities will come together from December 6-10 to collaborate and inspire, leaving empowered to strengthen an authentic and dynamic Judaism in their communities back home.


Thank you.

Talking Points

These talking points provide language that you can use and adapt to talk about 20/20 Judaism. In addition to sharing these messages, please share why you believe 20/20 Judaism is a must-attend event.  Download PDF

Sample Social Media Posts

Here are some sample Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts so that you can share information about 20/20 Judaism. Download PDF 


Below are links to various size graphics that can be used in Facebook, Twitter and Instragram posts as well as on websites, newsletters and emails. 

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