A Collaborative Convention

December 6-10, 2019
Boston, MA

20/20 Judaism begins with a three-day Shabbaton (Friday to Sunday), a meaningful and uplifting opportunity for the community to connect, worship and celebrate.  The convention runs Sunday to Tuesday, in which attendees learn at educational sessions in three tracks.

The Future of our Synagogue:

The synagogue model is rapidly changing before our eyes.   What do our leaders need to know to be prepared to think about how prayer, education, social justice, physical infrastructure, and financial and membership models must change going forward to help congregations thrive?

The Future of our Jewish Community:

The twenty-first century Jewish community is diverse, with growing numbers of multi-faith, multi-racial, and blended families, and will only become more diverse in the future. What are models for leaning into these trends to maximize engagement while ensuring rich commitment to Jewish practice and peoplehood?

The Future of our Jewish People:

The Jewish communities in North America and Israel can feel further away than ever, yet in a time of increased anti-Semitism there is increased need to bridge the divide and deepen our commitment.   What are trends that all of us can learn from to be a part of the solution?


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